Thirty Something Dice Game

Thirty Something Dice Game

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A Fun Party Game - Perfect for ages 3 and up - The 30 Something Dice Game, a Fun Dice Game for 2 or more players. A perfect game for friends around your table or campfire. This fast paced and fun dice board game is a great way to host groups of people at your home, cottage, even while traveling. 

For each 30 Something Board sold, a donation of $1.00 will be made to Children's Literacy.

Board games are a great way for bringing people together. From Quebec comes Thirty Something (aka Dice in Quebec), a game that has been played around kitchen and dining room tables for years.

A game of elimination, each player's turn brings hope that rolls of the dice will score a total of 30+ and allow you to survive another round of play. A fun family game that stimulates great conversation and laughter. Each player starts with 30 points, but ultimately all except two players remain with points left to spar off in a few final rounds of this "nail-biting" game of chance.

30 Something Dice Game includes (board may vary from image):
1) 11" x 9" playing board with cork bottom, dice holding area and felt foot pads
2) Six (6) large dice
3) Rules of the 30 Something Game (one person will keep score for all the players).

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.